Castle Screencap Meme: One quote from the show [1/1]

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Demming? Come on.

Beckett, why are you glaring at your boyfriend when you agree with him, sweetie?

"Okay, you’re right, but stop questioning my life choices. I mean, yes, I broke up with the man for you, but ARE YOU GONNA TELL EVERYBODY?! Damn."

i just love this scene..




someone write it!!!

Beckett lets him hug his mother and daughter, watching from the side, content in the knowledge that he is safe now. Once they let go of each other and Martha and Alexis finally agree to go home and leave him here to help solve the case, she gives him a look that he understands. He follows her wordlessly past the firefighters and paramedics and police and hostages until they are around the corner of the building across the street from the bank. Here they are alone, there is no one else to see, and so she turns and flings herself into his waiting arms. She tucks her head under his chin, closes her eyes, and just listens to the beating of his heart. As she listens to the comforting thrum her mind wanders back to the craziness of the day.

She remembers how her breath caught in her throat when she realized Castle was really being taken hostage. How helpless she felt from outside, staring at the walls of the bank that separated her from the man she loved. How she just wanted to stand up and run, pulling him along with her when she held his hand over the man struggling to breathe on the ground. How her anger flared when she thought that he was going to be shot and how she went off about the traffic and the short lived relief she felt when that bought them another 20 minutes. How she thought her chance at a happy future was erased in an explosion. How her desperation poured out of her as she called out for him, and then how she almost cried with the intensity of the relief that washed over her when she heard his voice calling back to her. His smiling face was the best thing she’d seen all day, and she’d almost kissed him right there in front of everyone. She didn’t care that she would have destroyed their secret, that everyone would have known, and if Martha hadn’t spoken up she’d have blown their cover without a ounce of regret. Now they are alone though, and this hug is nice, but she wants more.

She lifts her head from his broad chest and turns to look up at him. He smiles down at her, then covers her mouth with his. The kiss is slow and lazy with tongues tangling and lips pressing together in a silent expression of their shared relief at the favorable outcome of the day’s events. Time has no meaning for them as they hold each other as tightly as they can and continue sharing the kiss. Several minutes pass before they finally break apart to catch their breath and touch their foreheads together.

"I thought I lost you when I heard that bomb," Beckett whispers between them. "I’m so glad that you’re okay, Castle."

"You too, Beckett" he says, "I almost blew your cover when you came inside in the paramedic uniform," he admits. "I could’ve gotten you killed."

"But you didn’t, " she shakes her head against his. "We’re both fine and it’s over."

"It’s not quite over," Castle presses his lips to her again, this time keeping it light and quick. "We still have a case to solve."

"That we do," Beckett grins, then lifts one hand up to caress his cheek. "I love you, Castle."

"I love you too, Kate," he smiles once more, then takes his hands in hers and squeezes them gently. "And uh, can I ask you one quick question before we go?"

"Of course," she nods.

"Are you going to keep that uniform?"

"No," she gives him a confused look. "Why?"

"Because," Castle gives her a mischievous grin, "you are smoking hot in that thing."

Kate groans as she pulls her hands from his and rolls her eyes, but she can’t keep herself from smiling when she walks past him and heads back towards the fray with him right behind her.





Casual domesticity.

I really enjoy that Beckett reads the physical paper while Castle uses a tablet. It’s inspiring a headcanon that Beckett hates ebooks and insists on buying physical copies, which Castle finds adorable.

I think Castle is definitely the early technology adopter, though I’m sure he buys both an electronic copy and a physical copy of anything he reads.